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About Me

Alyssa Jaffe is an NYC-based actress originally from sunny Santa Monica, California. Alyssa is a senior at NYU Steinhardt. She is in the process of obtaining a Bachelor's of Music Degree in Vocal Performance - Musical Theatre.


At the tender age of 2, Alyssa would dress up in her Sleeping Beauty gown and run around the house singing (well, screaming) "Part of Your World". She began singing in choir at the age of 7, and performed in her first musical shortly thereafter, playing the role of Ms. Hannigan in Annie (but let's be real, she wanted to play Annie). Throughout middle and high school, Alyssa performed in numerous productions both at her local community theatre and at Santa Monica High School's historic Barnum Hall.


In her free time, she loves baking chocolate chip banana bread, spending time with her friends on both coasts, reading the Harry Potter series for the 15th time (she is a Gryffindor with a touch of Hufflepuff), visiting her family (especially her younger sister), and drawing Disney characters (her guilty pleasure dream is to be a Disney animator). Recently, she has started her own company: Wish Upon a Star Voice Lessons, where she teaches singing lessons dressed as a Disney princess to young children.